NSC Rules

Functioning Rules of the Northern Saddle Club (NSC):

Revised February 2023

1) Membership Benefit:

  • The right to vote, with the exception of Jr. members
  • Use of the Northern Saddle Club licensed grounds.
  • Every member has the right to access a copy of our Constitution, By-Law’s, Rules and Functioning Rules on our website www.northernsaddleclub.com. (Download PDF File Version Here)
  • Reduced rate for stabling.
  • Access to Educational Information that the club owns i.e. Rule Books, Videos…

2) Membership obligations:

a) All members are expected to volunteer some time towards Club functions and/or Ground maintenance.

b) Our General Liability Insurance Policy states that:

  1. All members must be HCBC members in good standing.
  2. Proof of HCBC membership must be provided when submitting NSC membership.

3) Membership fee’s:

Voting Senior member: $ 60.00 per annum
Non-voting Junior member:
(Junior Member – under 18 yrs of age as of Jan 1st of the current year.)
$ 35.00 per annum
Family Membership: A family constitutes one or two adults and juniors under 18 yrs of age (immediate family only). $130.00 per annum
Late Fees: Renewing members will be charged if fees are received past March 31st of the current year. The late fee will be waived for first time members. $20.00 late fee
“Traveling Through” Membership: – Exclusively for those from out of town that are traveling through and stabling at the grounds. There is a membership for the use of the rings while they are stabling (proof of HCBC is still required/mandatory). $15/day

4) Grounds:

a) The Northern Saddle Club currently holds a license with the Town of Smithers, for use of a portion of the Smithers Fairgrounds, other than the 2 weeks for the Bulkley Valley Exhibition.

b) Available to members are six outdoor arenas, one covered arena and three barns (Rodeo Grounds and all BV Fair Buildings are off limits).

c) Arena Use

i) There are to be no horses turned out in any arenas, including the driving ring. The round pen may be used for a 15min. turnout but only if it is not in use, must be cleaned after its use and hay cannot be fed in the round pen.(a)If horses are continuously left unattended in the arenas, the first offense will be a written warning, followed by stabling privileges being revoked, and finally their membership being revoked for the remainder of the year.

ii) Arena use is on a shared basis.

iii) Scheduled clinic and rental use takes priority over lessons and regular riding.

iv) No more than one horse may be lunged in an arena if other horses are being ridden in the same arena.

v) Please be courteous and remember the left-to-left passing rule.

vi) If there is more than one rider in the indoor arena you may not jump or gymkhana your horse.

vii) All equipment must be put away after use with the exception of the designated jumper ring (where only the schooling jumps can be left in the jumper ring during the riding season).

viii) Grounds Rental

(1) The grounds are available for rent for horse related and non-horse related events.All groups must fill out a NSC Rental Agreement form as well as a Town of Smithers Fall Fairgrounds Event Request Form.

(2) Rental groups are liable for all damage that occurs during their event and must cover the costs to repair said damage.

(3) Rental groups must adhere to the rules outlined in the NSC Rental Agreement.

d) Stabling:
i) All stall rental fees and cleaning deposit of $30.00 may be required and paid to the Barn Manager, prior to use.
ii) The Stabling form must be fully completed and posted on the stall door.
iii) All stalls must be left clean or the cleaning deposit fee of $30.00 will not be returned.
iv) A clean stall is a stall that which is free of manure and wet shavings and all remaining clean shavings are banked against the sides of the stall.
v) Any damage must be reported to the Barn manager so that it can be repaired. If there is damage done to a stall by a renter, it is the responsibility of the renter to pay for the cost of the repairs.
vi) Stall rental rates: (Winter water & clean shavings may not always be available)
(1) Members pay $ 15.00 per day
(2) Non-Members pay $ 20.00 per day (IE Clinic participants)
(3) Members pay $ 50.00 per week
(4) All opened stalls must be reported to the Barn manager.
(5) The day-stalls are available for short term day-use (no overnight use) and must be left clean after each use.

e) Safety:
i) Safety must be a concern for all members.ii)It is strongly recommended that all members wear a Safety helmets and proper footwear while riding.
iii) All juniors must wear safety helmets at all times when mounted on NSC grounds.
iv) Safety helmets with proper attached harness must be worn when riding over fences.
v) All Horses by means of at least a halter and Dogs by means of a leash,must be under control at all times.
vi) No Horseplay or running around the stabling area, the areas in-between the rings and the roads.
vii) All posted signs on the use of the grounds must be obeyed.
viii) There is no Smoking in or near any of the NSC structures on the grounds.

f) Instructor/Trainers
i) All Instructors must be members in good standing of the Club if using NSC facilities,excluding clinicians.
ii) Anyone receiving money for lessons/ training, on the grounds is considered an Instructor/Trainer.
iii) All instructors and trainers are encouraged to donate a minimum of 3 hrs per year to promote and educate to develop excellence in horsemanship in the NSC’s membership.
iv) All Instructors MUST carry Instructor’s third party liability policy, and send a copy of policy number and insurance provider of such policy to the Northern Saddle Club.

g) Clinics:
i) All Clinicians MUST have a third party liability policy.
ii) The first clinic booked gets priority over the indoor arena.
iii) There will be a user fee of $5 for NSC members to participate in NSC hosted clinics at the grounds.
iv) Non-members pay an additional $20.00 user fee per horse/rider combination for each clinic as well as non-member stabling rates.
v) Under no circumstances shall a Clinic make a loss at the Northern Saddle Club’s expense!

5) Business:

a) NSC minutes will be emailed to each member and are also available on the website.
b) Committees will have the right to produce rules and budgets for their activities.
i) Such rules must be published on the Website and will be presented for voting at the following meeting.
ii) All committee or NSC members that are in charge of NSC monies during their activity, must also adhere to the laws of a director outlined in the Societies Act (British Columbia).
c) Mailing Address: The current address of PO Box 431 shall be the registered Club address, with the Society Act and Revenue Canada.
d) The Secretary will have custody of all records and documents that are required for secretarial duties; this will include the last year’s minutes of all meetings.
e) The Treasurer will have in possession the Club’s financial records from the last and the current year.
f) The Treasurer will give a monthly listing of NSC money activities reported in a general ledger format for each general meeting as well as a yearly financial report for the AGM.
g) There will be a $ 50.00 NSF charge on all returned cheques.
h) All NSC activity and clinic reports must be submitted within 30 days of the event with original receipts and applicable monies.
i) All archived records shall be at one fixed address.
j) The Treasurer and the President will each have one Key to the Mailbox of the Club.
k) The Treasurer shall notify any members not in good standing by mail with a letter and an invoice.