Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Horse Shoeing & Trimming

Farriers Servicing the Bulkley Valley

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Please note the NSC does not endorse any particular farrier of method of shoeing and trimming of horses hoofs.
Please contact the farrier directly for availability and rates.

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Hot Shoeing

“Hot shoeing,” also called “hot setting” or “hot fitting,” is a common practice among farriers. After the foot has been trimmed, rasped and is ready for the new shoe, the farrier will heat the shoe in the forge and place it briefly on the foot to sear the path where the shoe will ultimately lie.

Farrier places hot show onto bottom of hoof to sear the foot.
“Searing” the hoof

Farriers use a Forge to heat the metal shoes
Farriers use a Forge to heat the metal shoes

Cold Shoeing

Barefoot Horses