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NSC Schooling Show Aug 6th, 2022

Dressage, Hunter & Jumper Classes

Dressage Judge: Michalla Heighington
Jumper Judge: Barbara Papiccio
Course Designer: Jane Lloyd-Smith
Show Secretary: Kelly Mattson
Show Facilitator: Elsie Wain
Freestyle Sound Coordinator: TBA

Dressage Start Time: 8:00 AM
Hunter / Jumper Start Time: 1:00 PM

Dressage Div (8AM)

English: Walk Trot, Training, First, Second & Third Level tests
Western: Walk Trot, Training & First Level tests

Dressage Tests

Hunter / Jumper Div (1PM)

Welcome Hunter (18″ to 2’3″)
Hunter Equitation (18″ to 2’3″)

Welcome Jumper (2’3″ to 3’3″)
Power and Speed (2’3″ to 3’3″)

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