Monday, July 15, 2024

Coaches & Trainers

List of Coaches & Trainers currently available in our area


Erin Rowsell
(EC Certified Coach)
* English Competition Coach, Current
* English Rider Evaluator Levels 1-8
Clare Hobson
(EC Certified Coach)
* English Competition Coach Specialist, Current


Christine Hassell
(EC Certified Coach)
* Western Competition Coach Specialist Reining, Current
* Western Mentor
* Western Int Rider Basic Training Evaluator, Western Rider Evaluator Levels 1-4, Evaluator

* Western Competition Coach Specialist General Performance, Current
* Western Mentor
* Western Int Rider Basic Training Evaluator, Western Rider Evaluator Levels 1-4, Rookie Rider Trained

Reasons to choose an Equine Canada Certified Coach

1. Professional & Accountable – Certified coaches are professionals who are expected to adhere to strict standards of the profession. (Equine Canada Code of Ethics & EC Coaching Code of Conduct)

2. Safety and First Aid – Trained in procedures, coaches hold a valid First Aid certificate which must be kept up to date for the coach to maintain a current status.

3. Theory – Certified Coaches know “how” to teach/coach. Coaches support all aspects of the sport, not just the technical skill. Successful completion of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a requirement at each level as well as the new Equine Canada “Learn to Teach” Course.

4. Knowledge and Technical Competence – Coach candidates are assessed by qualified personnel. Candidates are required to show their technical ability as well as having theoretical knowledge.

5. Consistency and Upgrading – Through a process of formal study, mentor-ship and assessment, coaches are taught and tested on consistent skills. Coaches must upgrade their knowledge to stay certified therefore keeping skills fresh and current.

6. Stable Management – Coaches have learned and have been tested on more than just technical skills, they are capable of teaching every aspect of horse-care.

7. Commitment – Becoming certified requires significant time and financial commitment on the part of the instructor/coach.

8. Sport Specific – Coaches are evaluated and certified in the area of their expertise.

9. Resources – Certified coaches have all the resources at EC and the HCBC available to them to upgrade, educate and learn.

10. Learn to Ride – Only EC Certified coaches can examine the EC Rider Development Program Levels.

11. Conformance –  with growing public expectation of certification in all amateur sports.

List above, courtesy of BC Horse Council

Parents Checklist for Coaches:

(supplied by the BC Horse Council)