Sunday, May 19, 2024

Monthly Meetings

The Northern Saddle Club members meet on the FIRST Wednesday of each month (January excluded)

Usual Meeting Locations:
Meetings may be hosted through Zoom (emails with link will be sent to members)
Indoor Arena – NSC grounds (weather permitting)

Time: 7 PM

2024 Dates:

February: 7th – AGM Location: Accounting On Broadway, 3704 Alfred Ave , Smithers BC

March: 6th – Location TBA

April: 3rd – Location TBA

May: 1st – At Fair Grounds

June: 5th – At Fair Grounds

July: 3rd – At Fair Grounds

August: 7th – At Fair Grounds

September: 4th – At Fair Grounds

October: 2nd – Location TBA

November: 6th – Location TBA

December: 4th – Location TBA